June 10, 2012

Weekend Roundup.

lucky you getting days 8, 9 & 10 all in one post.

oh, friday how you were the best end to a work week (don't really like this being in my vocab).
i meet up with eliza and two of here intern friends at the MoMA after work. I just want to take a moment to point out this is not a bar. eliza was especially inspired by all the art, i think her favorite piece was the sculpture that consisted of a piece of fishing line hanging from the ceiling and anchored to the ground. i mean if that isn't art i don't know what is. we explored around there for about an hour or so before we departed ways to eat dinner and get ready for the night.
we stopped on the way back so i could get a hotdog from the side of the road, liza choose to eat ramen. what can we say, we value or health.

we meet up with eliza's intern friend and went to some bar and had some bourbon diets, which evidently is a very southern thing.

(enter saturday morning)

we wake up. woohoo sleeping in late!

Big Apple BBQ was happening in Madison Square park so we thought what better way to recover from a night out then some good 'ole southern bbq. Especially since Jim n Nicks was going to be present.
well, we were right in thinking nothing could be better. but evidently everyone else in manhattan had the same idea because nothing could have been worse then the line we would've had to stand in.
so, we made the prompt decision to go to the burger place we had just passed, Schnippers.
eliz had a blue cheese burger and i had a green pepper turkey burger. both were incredible good.
the best part about this place was it had sweet tea. who knew. and it tasted like chickfila's.

afterwards, we walked to the chelsea flea and checked out all that had to offer before heading home to watch a movie/rest bc some of us still felt bad. we were basically in for the night minus our yummy pizza run.

since saturday was mildly unproductive we wanted to do some exploring on sunday.

Figment, an interactive art expo, was happening on governors island so we took the R train to the ferry (after the train decided to skip our stop and take us to brooklyn). once on governors island we were immersed into a different cultural experience. eliza put it best by saying, "there are some interesting creatures here." see below.

we explored around a little bit before stopping at a mexi place and had a wonderful nacho dinner. then pink berry for desert. followed by more aimlessly exploring.

tomorrow's monday, boo.

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