August 17, 2012

re-entry into the south

thank goodness we finished those freezy pops so i could get this wonderful picture of slize

on every mission trip I've been on, the last day is devoted to preparing oneself
for coming back to america from a different culture/country
i think my mind has noticed bigger differences between the north & south
than with any other country to usa comparison

i think, i've decided, that the reason is when coming from a 3rd world country back to a 1st world
country i naturally automatically adjust to the difference bc they are so blatantly obvious
i've never liked re-entry days, i thought they were dumb.

all this to say: going from the north & south are just as questionable just as different on a very simple comparison as going from a different country back to the usa
and i didn't see any day set aside for re-entry
(not that i would have attended nor payed attention)

you might remember the post i did, day 47, on 'in SC but in NY'.
well consider this part II but more along the lines of  "now that I'm back, i forgot SC had"

so let's start.

in NY there's homeless people, but in SC there's mosquitos (one begs for money, the other blood) (i really had forgotten about those things)

in NY there's fancy fried chicken at one of the five southern restaurants, but in SC there's chick-fil-a and those wonderful sauces and perfectly sweet, sweet tea (so no comparison, really)

in NY we had a 6'x6' balcony, but in SC we have a wonderful spend every second of every day on front porch (this makes me the happiest)

in NY i walked countless miles a day for fun, but in SC i couldn't even imagine walking .5 miles

in NY i usually only wore workout clothes when actually working out, but in SC i grab workout clothes when ever i get dressed (i'll miss wearing fun clothes, close to the most)

in NY i had a job that payed me to be there, but in SC i have school that i (i used loosely) pay to attend