July 16, 2012

Day 47.

while living in ny we have begun to realize the little details that set city live apart from cola life.
beyond the obvious things such as taxis, lots of people, or constant construction
but the things you have to mentally prepare and adjust for.

so here's a little game called In SC, But In NY

1. in sc we talk on the phone when traveling from one place to the other, but in ny we are underground thus no cell phone service. (hello, ibooks. goodbye, calling people back.)

2. in sc we have dollar bourbon, but in ny we have dollar pizza slices

3. in sc when grocery shopping we pack our buggies full with no concern of weight bc you just push the buggy to the car and drive home, but in ny each item's importance is considered and hand selected since it has to be carried 7 blocks in 100 degree heat.

4. in sc we only share a bed after a long football game, but in ny we share a bed every night

5. in sc we put laundry in the washer/dryer and have fresh clean clothes in 2 hours max, but in ny we put all 3 weeks worth of our clothes in a bag, call washer people to pick up, people pick up, realize you sent off all your towels, work, & workout clothes needed for the next day, get clothes delivered back 24 hrs later.  (we haven't decided how to handle the whole no towel issue)

6. in sc we sir/ma'am, but in ny we don't (just joking i still do that)

and thats all i have to say about that. 

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