July 30, 2012

Day 60.

is it possible to gain 15lbs in 2 days?
because i think it happened

eliza minnelli decided that she was tired of being around me
(hahaha obiviously not possible)
and went to michegan on thursday

i would have been lonely all by myself
and its scary sleeping alone so
kelly k and case daws came to visit me (ahh so exciting!)

they got in around midnight
we did the only thing there is to do at such a time,
watch a movie and hit the hay.
(and then you realize i'm joking)
we went out, silly

we might have done more walking than drinking
but then again we had to burn some calories before
we devoured some very yummy late night/early morning pizza (pizza > street hotdog)

we woke up and it was sat-er-day
and since we were awake we were in search of
nothing other than, food
we walked over toward soho
kelly k remebered (as we were entering another restaurant) a good place to eat
so we went there
I forgot the name
and it was scrumptious

after that we wandered around checking out all the cool things
soho and les had to offer
we were about to go to the MoMA when
nat the fat rat instagramed a picture of banna pudding from magnolia's bakery
and because we love banna pudding (& might be stalkers)
we went on up to magnolia bakery to get us some banna puddin'
and a cupcake for kk
we didn't see nat the fat rat
not that we were looking for here
but case and kel got to see west village
which happens to be my favorite neighborhood

somehow we ended up going to meatpacking
its a neighborhood
not a place were they pack meat
but im sure you can guess where the name came from

it's always fun to go up there because
you really feel like you are in a different place.
it's new, hip, trendy, and on the water
oh and not that crowded

looking up at this post i feel like i'm writing a poem, then i realize nothing rhymes
all poems rhyme

to make a long story short because this is turning into a long story
we went to the MoMA
decided not to wander the MoMA
it started pouring rain
we tried to wait out the rain
ran in the rain to the subway
had the best mexi meal ever at la palapa 
went out

and that was saturday
on sunday we actually did go to the MoMA (and wandered)
until we got bored so we went and 
had a concrete from shake shack 
don't worry we all got our own

we then began a hunt for the best burger
(ignore we where at a burger place)
we not only found some pretty wonderful hamburger sliders
but some more wonderful cheese fries at mark burger

we then had sangria downstairs before they left me forever
and by forever i mean 3 weeks

i don't like how long this post is, too many words, just look at the pictures

(case is going to kill me for this, oops)

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