June 26, 2012

Day 26.

confession: we eat a lot of freezy pops.
i mean more than should be consumed by anyone over the age of 4.

June 24, 2012

Day 24.

this weekend started with a cancelled plane, a rebooked plane, a rerouted plane, a delayed plane, a cancelled plane, a rented car, and finally (12hrs later) a rogers, nancy, & grandma in the big city.

contrary to the beginning of their journey the rest of the weekend was quite fun.
i meet those people early (10) saturday morning for coffee while lize slept.
then i took them to out apt to wake up sliza before heading to central park
dad told us to go to the top of c.p., so we did.
once getting up to little harlem he decided that he really meant the middle.
so we walked around before getting a cab to chomp on some yummy thai food at Q2.

afterwards we went to all the touristy norms. aka time square and grand central
before heading back toward their hotel.
sliz, gma and i sat and had coffee in the courtyard while the other two went to run an errand.

we went to the smith in east village for dinner and it was ah.maze.ing. before going to the broadway show jesus christ the super star.
nanc and gma were very fond of it.

this morning(sunday) i meet grandma for coffee while nancy was finally taking a spin class at soul cycle.
we went down to see the 9/11 memorial which was cool and all.

someone had told elize about the battery garden restaurant on the river so we went down there and sat outside to enjoy the nice weather and eat some good food.

dad wanted to show every one his favorite neighborhood in nyc so we headed there next.
conveniently his fav neighborhood was the central location of the gay pride parade.
quite the surprise when we popped out of the subway.
grandma loved it. (hahahaha)

after (more) coffee they headed to the airport to catch their plane home. well that's the theory at least.

June 20, 2012

Day 20.

hey, hey, hey, have ya missed these wonderful words?
i know rogers drake has.

our time gets so consumed with doing fun things we don't have time to write about them*

so life goes on as usual in these parts.
last saturday we had a picnic & hungout in central park for the majority of the day before meeting up with jennaaa and her vandy friends for dinner.
sunday was pretty chill. we just hung around east village during the day.
found a cool thai place down the street that a nice lunch special.
uncle doug came into town and took us to see stomp, which was really neat. he also took us the 'crowded restaurant with yummy looking food we alway pass'
it defiantly lived up to what we expected.

as for these things we call jobs,
they are interesting. bailey nor eliza were able to be reached for further comment.

my camera battery died. i left both chargers in cola. a new one is $40. so no pro photog.
ill try to muster up some iphone pics.

*actually we work a lot and no one wants to hear about that 

June 10, 2012

Weekend Roundup.

lucky you getting days 8, 9 & 10 all in one post.

oh, friday how you were the best end to a work week (don't really like this being in my vocab).
i meet up with eliza and two of here intern friends at the MoMA after work. I just want to take a moment to point out this is not a bar. eliza was especially inspired by all the art, i think her favorite piece was the sculpture that consisted of a piece of fishing line hanging from the ceiling and anchored to the ground. i mean if that isn't art i don't know what is. we explored around there for about an hour or so before we departed ways to eat dinner and get ready for the night.
we stopped on the way back so i could get a hotdog from the side of the road, liza choose to eat ramen. what can we say, we value or health.

we meet up with eliza's intern friend and went to some bar and had some bourbon diets, which evidently is a very southern thing.

(enter saturday morning)

we wake up. woohoo sleeping in late!

Big Apple BBQ was happening in Madison Square park so we thought what better way to recover from a night out then some good 'ole southern bbq. Especially since Jim n Nicks was going to be present.
well, we were right in thinking nothing could be better. but evidently everyone else in manhattan had the same idea because nothing could have been worse then the line we would've had to stand in.
so, we made the prompt decision to go to the burger place we had just passed, Schnippers.
eliz had a blue cheese burger and i had a green pepper turkey burger. both were incredible good.
the best part about this place was it had sweet tea. who knew. and it tasted like chickfila's.

afterwards, we walked to the chelsea flea and checked out all that had to offer before heading home to watch a movie/rest bc some of us still felt bad. we were basically in for the night minus our yummy pizza run.

since saturday was mildly unproductive we wanted to do some exploring on sunday.

Figment, an interactive art expo, was happening on governors island so we took the R train to the ferry (after the train decided to skip our stop and take us to brooklyn). once on governors island we were immersed into a different cultural experience. eliza put it best by saying, "there are some interesting creatures here." see below.

we explored around a little bit before stopping at a mexi place and had a wonderful nacho dinner. then pink berry for desert. followed by more aimlessly exploring.

tomorrow's monday, boo.

June 7, 2012

Day 7.

we have been living in nyc for 7 day, wholly monkey fingers. (& i've only got on the wrong train twice)

tomorrow is friday (incase you didn't know) & the slizanator and i couldn't be more happy. why?
it's the last day of the first week of work wooohooo!
i'm not saying that work is bad, it's actually good but, ya know, we really don't like waking up early and getting fancy dressed.

buy any who, after work today we came home and put comfy clothes on then took the subway to madison square to eat at shake shack.
oh. my. yumminess. it was worth the 45min line.
especially the concrete custard we got afterwards that contained truffled cookie dough.
enough said.

we walked back home down 5th ave trying to find skinny black work pants but some how managed to find better things to buy. 
we stopped at union square to check out all the cool cats that hung out there and it was quit interesting. 
we did however get free hugs. i did give him $2 so i guess they really weren't free (i don't even like hugs, esp ones that cost money).

now were home. being all cool and shit. 

June 6, 2012

Day 6.

just in case you were wondering if we actually do have jobs, look at what we are wearing.

June 5, 2012

Day 5.

today nothing important/exciting happened.

so here is a list of exciting things we wish to fill our time with:

(list continually growing)

-bowlmor lanes
-pier 60
-eat hotdog off side of road
-statue of liberty
-empire state
-ground zero
-broadway show
-go to gay bar with shawn
-stay at bar till close
-comedy show
-chelsea flea market
-korean BBQ and karaoke
-shake shack
-walk brooklyn bridge
-30 rockefeller
-brooklyn brewery
-cloud city 

Day 4.

i went to work. sliza stayed at home.
she txted me all day (so annoying).

butttt when i got home me & that girl that lives with me had a drinkiepoo before we went to meet eliza's cousin shawn.
we meet him at Back Forty. a farm to table type of joint. we had some burgers, they weren't anything special but they were tasty.

afterwards we decided to wander around and ended up buying some new kicks. eliza's are made of paper. (we really like them)

June 3, 2012

Day 3.

ah day three.

it rained so i didn't get many pictures (a wet camera is a bad broken camera)

we actually didn't do much. 
the casual sunday brunch with $1 mimosas that leads to shopping in soho that leads to a dinner at Taka Taka

Taka Taka was cool. it had mexican sushi & japanese tacos. the sushi consisted of 4 pieces that came around on a conveyer belt. there would be a # on the plate so you could match it to the ingredients list on the menu.
all the ones we grabbed off the rotating sidewalk were very tasty.

It was a much needed relaxing fun sunday, even with looming rain clouds. (esp. with the looming thought of my big-girl job on the horizon)

June 2, 2012

Day 2.

the sun is shinning, the bears are barking, and we woke up in nyc.

since saturday is a day for sleeping in late, that we did. me and sliza made our way down to the morning watering hole, aka starbucks. after the preparation of 1 vanilla soy latte, 1 skinny vanilla latte & 1 misspelled name we headed back to the porch to enjoy the cool summer morning. 

after figuring out we could turn our bathroom into a steam room
we meet up with shannon for lunch at a little mexican restaurant that was quiet good. they had chicken quesadillas. i had a chicken taco. we all split a pitcher of frozen sangria.

it was time to start accomplishing things on shannon's notorious list. 
so we practiced riding the subway to each of our jobs and touching our buildings.
luckily i can ride the 1st half of my journey with eliza before she gets off and i change trains.

around 5:15 we got back to our apartment to clean up and get ready to go see the broadway show Priscilla.
it was basically a drag show and oh so funny. (eliza laughed a lot)

afterwards we went back to aunt shannon's hotel bar and grabbed a few drinks and chatted before she put us in a cab and shipped us home. we then drank some beers & watched hot tub time machine on our sofa.

June 1, 2012

Day 1.

eliza akers and bailey drake are in new york city! (yes, we know you're scared, we've heard)

we got in bright & early, about 10,and headed straight to our apartment. coming in blind we had no idea what to expect of our living situation. we had seen pictures but anyone can find pictures online and claim that's what their apt looks like.
luckily for us it is what the apt. looks like. the guy renting us the apt was here and was super nice.
he did however describe in great detail how to work the mac computer (obvi he doesn't know me) and the tv.

once we were finished with our hour lecture on how to live in an apartment we went and had a scrumptious lunch at an all organic joint, Bareburger.
afterwords, since aunt shannon came to help us (luckily), we got on with outfitting our apartment with the essentials: 
laundry detergent
(our additions)

shannon went to check into her hotel and me & liza were supposed to unpack our stuff
but we didn't. tv/naps sounded better.

but don't worry we made time for sippin' beers on the porch before we went and meet back up for dinner.
we went to some italian restaurant that was suggested by the hotel concierge.
it was very authentic & tasty.

we are both so tired and are laying in bed watching a movie,
well looks like liza is asleep.