June 7, 2012

Day 7.

we have been living in nyc for 7 day, wholly monkey fingers. (& i've only got on the wrong train twice)

tomorrow is friday (incase you didn't know) & the slizanator and i couldn't be more happy. why?
it's the last day of the first week of work wooohooo!
i'm not saying that work is bad, it's actually good but, ya know, we really don't like waking up early and getting fancy dressed.

buy any who, after work today we came home and put comfy clothes on then took the subway to madison square to eat at shake shack.
oh. my. yumminess. it was worth the 45min line.
especially the concrete custard we got afterwards that contained truffled cookie dough.
enough said.

we walked back home down 5th ave trying to find skinny black work pants but some how managed to find better things to buy. 
we stopped at union square to check out all the cool cats that hung out there and it was quit interesting. 
we did however get free hugs. i did give him $2 so i guess they really weren't free (i don't even like hugs, esp ones that cost money).

now were home. being all cool and shit. 

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