June 1, 2012

Day 1.

eliza akers and bailey drake are in new york city! (yes, we know you're scared, we've heard)

we got in bright & early, about 10,and headed straight to our apartment. coming in blind we had no idea what to expect of our living situation. we had seen pictures but anyone can find pictures online and claim that's what their apt looks like.
luckily for us it is what the apt. looks like. the guy renting us the apt was here and was super nice.
he did however describe in great detail how to work the mac computer (obvi he doesn't know me) and the tv.

once we were finished with our hour lecture on how to live in an apartment we went and had a scrumptious lunch at an all organic joint, Bareburger.
afterwords, since aunt shannon came to help us (luckily), we got on with outfitting our apartment with the essentials: 
laundry detergent
(our additions)

shannon went to check into her hotel and me & liza were supposed to unpack our stuff
but we didn't. tv/naps sounded better.

but don't worry we made time for sippin' beers on the porch before we went and meet back up for dinner.
we went to some italian restaurant that was suggested by the hotel concierge.
it was very authentic & tasty.

we are both so tired and are laying in bed watching a movie,
well looks like liza is asleep.

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