June 20, 2012

Day 20.

hey, hey, hey, have ya missed these wonderful words?
i know rogers drake has.

our time gets so consumed with doing fun things we don't have time to write about them*

so life goes on as usual in these parts.
last saturday we had a picnic & hungout in central park for the majority of the day before meeting up with jennaaa and her vandy friends for dinner.
sunday was pretty chill. we just hung around east village during the day.
found a cool thai place down the street that a nice lunch special.
uncle doug came into town and took us to see stomp, which was really neat. he also took us the 'crowded restaurant with yummy looking food we alway pass'
it defiantly lived up to what we expected.

as for these things we call jobs,
they are interesting. bailey nor eliza were able to be reached for further comment.

my camera battery died. i left both chargers in cola. a new one is $40. so no pro photog.
ill try to muster up some iphone pics.

*actually we work a lot and no one wants to hear about that 

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