June 24, 2012

Day 24.

this weekend started with a cancelled plane, a rebooked plane, a rerouted plane, a delayed plane, a cancelled plane, a rented car, and finally (12hrs later) a rogers, nancy, & grandma in the big city.

contrary to the beginning of their journey the rest of the weekend was quite fun.
i meet those people early (10) saturday morning for coffee while lize slept.
then i took them to out apt to wake up sliza before heading to central park
dad told us to go to the top of c.p., so we did.
once getting up to little harlem he decided that he really meant the middle.
so we walked around before getting a cab to chomp on some yummy thai food at Q2.

afterwards we went to all the touristy norms. aka time square and grand central
before heading back toward their hotel.
sliz, gma and i sat and had coffee in the courtyard while the other two went to run an errand.

we went to the smith in east village for dinner and it was ah.maze.ing. before going to the broadway show jesus christ the super star.
nanc and gma were very fond of it.

this morning(sunday) i meet grandma for coffee while nancy was finally taking a spin class at soul cycle.
we went down to see the 9/11 memorial which was cool and all.

someone had told elize about the battery garden restaurant on the river so we went down there and sat outside to enjoy the nice weather and eat some good food.

dad wanted to show every one his favorite neighborhood in nyc so we headed there next.
conveniently his fav neighborhood was the central location of the gay pride parade.
quite the surprise when we popped out of the subway.
grandma loved it. (hahahaha)

after (more) coffee they headed to the airport to catch their plane home. well that's the theory at least.

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