December 19, 2012

Bourbon + Brothers.

now that the fall semester has come to an end (more on that lates) i'm back home for christmas break.
since last christmas break i have only been home for a combined total of 7 days. it's quite boring here.
the brothers are in school for what seems like all day during the week. and there's really nothing to do.

i came home on saturday which was nice because it's the weekend for normal folks.
right upon arriving i was late going to the secret santa thing with my friends. it was fun. 
elizabeth and i had each other. lize almost keep it a secret. it was just too much those las 5 mins though.

i came back to hangout with the boys after that. kring and his two friends were sitting at the fire pit. 
so i joined them. taught them life lessons and all. jb stumbled in and joined us at some point. 
all i have to say is teenagers these days. i sat out with kring until 5 talking about life.
i had promised heavy i would go duck hunting with him and jb at 5:30. i still don't know why i thought this to be a good idea. but i went. it was hot. there were mosquitos in december. jordan shot two but couldn't find them. heavy none. on the way back we stopped at bojangles. this was after we had discussed every food place we past. and by we i mean jb and d. i came home took a shower, sleep for 2.5 hrs, and went to babysit the cutest 3 wittle babes. there was a lot of
tree climbing and fort building involved 

gotta love the weekends.

December 13, 2012

conversations w/ myself

on some nights, like tonight for instance, i lay in my bed and have a convo with my self such as this:

"i should start a blog!"
"bailey, you already have 10 of them" (kind of a stretch)
"well i should write in one of my blogs more often"
"yea i'll go write in my blog"
"crap i can't write another 'i'm gonna actual write in my blog' post"
"but yes i can because i can do what i want"
"but seriously this is getting old"

so here i am writing in my blog to say that i really want to write in my blog more often.
we will see how this goes.

August 17, 2012

re-entry into the south

thank goodness we finished those freezy pops so i could get this wonderful picture of slize

on every mission trip I've been on, the last day is devoted to preparing oneself
for coming back to america from a different culture/country
i think my mind has noticed bigger differences between the north & south
than with any other country to usa comparison

i think, i've decided, that the reason is when coming from a 3rd world country back to a 1st world
country i naturally automatically adjust to the difference bc they are so blatantly obvious
i've never liked re-entry days, i thought they were dumb.

all this to say: going from the north & south are just as questionable just as different on a very simple comparison as going from a different country back to the usa
and i didn't see any day set aside for re-entry
(not that i would have attended nor payed attention)

you might remember the post i did, day 47, on 'in SC but in NY'.
well consider this part II but more along the lines of  "now that I'm back, i forgot SC had"

so let's start.

in NY there's homeless people, but in SC there's mosquitos (one begs for money, the other blood) (i really had forgotten about those things)

in NY there's fancy fried chicken at one of the five southern restaurants, but in SC there's chick-fil-a and those wonderful sauces and perfectly sweet, sweet tea (so no comparison, really)

in NY we had a 6'x6' balcony, but in SC we have a wonderful spend every second of every day on front porch (this makes me the happiest)

in NY i walked countless miles a day for fun, but in SC i couldn't even imagine walking .5 miles

in NY i usually only wore workout clothes when actually working out, but in SC i grab workout clothes when ever i get dressed (i'll miss wearing fun clothes, close to the most)

in NY i had a job that payed me to be there, but in SC i have school that i (i used loosely) pay to attend

July 30, 2012

Day 60.

is it possible to gain 15lbs in 2 days?
because i think it happened

eliza minnelli decided that she was tired of being around me
(hahaha obiviously not possible)
and went to michegan on thursday

i would have been lonely all by myself
and its scary sleeping alone so
kelly k and case daws came to visit me (ahh so exciting!)

they got in around midnight
we did the only thing there is to do at such a time,
watch a movie and hit the hay.
(and then you realize i'm joking)
we went out, silly

we might have done more walking than drinking
but then again we had to burn some calories before
we devoured some very yummy late night/early morning pizza (pizza > street hotdog)

we woke up and it was sat-er-day
and since we were awake we were in search of
nothing other than, food
we walked over toward soho
kelly k remebered (as we were entering another restaurant) a good place to eat
so we went there
I forgot the name
and it was scrumptious

after that we wandered around checking out all the cool things
soho and les had to offer
we were about to go to the MoMA when
nat the fat rat instagramed a picture of banna pudding from magnolia's bakery
and because we love banna pudding (& might be stalkers)
we went on up to magnolia bakery to get us some banna puddin'
and a cupcake for kk
we didn't see nat the fat rat
not that we were looking for here
but case and kel got to see west village
which happens to be my favorite neighborhood

somehow we ended up going to meatpacking
its a neighborhood
not a place were they pack meat
but im sure you can guess where the name came from

it's always fun to go up there because
you really feel like you are in a different place.
it's new, hip, trendy, and on the water
oh and not that crowded

looking up at this post i feel like i'm writing a poem, then i realize nothing rhymes
all poems rhyme

to make a long story short because this is turning into a long story
we went to the MoMA
decided not to wander the MoMA
it started pouring rain
we tried to wait out the rain
ran in the rain to the subway
had the best mexi meal ever at la palapa 
went out

and that was saturday
on sunday we actually did go to the MoMA (and wandered)
until we got bored so we went and 
had a concrete from shake shack 
don't worry we all got our own

we then began a hunt for the best burger
(ignore we where at a burger place)
we not only found some pretty wonderful hamburger sliders
but some more wonderful cheese fries at mark burger

we then had sangria downstairs before they left me forever
and by forever i mean 3 weeks

i don't like how long this post is, too many words, just look at the pictures

(case is going to kill me for this, oops)

July 16, 2012

Day 47.

while living in ny we have begun to realize the little details that set city live apart from cola life.
beyond the obvious things such as taxis, lots of people, or constant construction
but the things you have to mentally prepare and adjust for.

so here's a little game called In SC, But In NY

1. in sc we talk on the phone when traveling from one place to the other, but in ny we are underground thus no cell phone service. (hello, ibooks. goodbye, calling people back.)

2. in sc we have dollar bourbon, but in ny we have dollar pizza slices

3. in sc when grocery shopping we pack our buggies full with no concern of weight bc you just push the buggy to the car and drive home, but in ny each item's importance is considered and hand selected since it has to be carried 7 blocks in 100 degree heat.

4. in sc we only share a bed after a long football game, but in ny we share a bed every night

5. in sc we put laundry in the washer/dryer and have fresh clean clothes in 2 hours max, but in ny we put all 3 weeks worth of our clothes in a bag, call washer people to pick up, people pick up, realize you sent off all your towels, work, & workout clothes needed for the next day, get clothes delivered back 24 hrs later.  (we haven't decided how to handle the whole no towel issue)

6. in sc we sir/ma'am, but in ny we don't (just joking i still do that)

and thats all i have to say about that. 

July 7, 2012

Day 37.

today. today is saturday.
we like saturdays. 

on saturdays there is no alarm clocks. (eliza tends to sleep till 1)
on saturdays there are no plans.
on saturdays the next day will still be the weekend.
on saturdays, well, you get the point.
we like saturdays.

so on this saturday while the slizanator was still sleeping
i walked down to a coffee place, the bean, to test there so called tasty coffee.
upon walking out of the door to get said coffee
i was slapped in the face with some good ole concrete melting heat.
after walking the 4 blocks to the bean i had begun to reconsider anything hot
but they had this really cool sounding thing called a dirty chai
so i got an iced dirty chai (chai + espresso)
and drank it all on the walk home.

eliza finally woke up and we decided that food was a must
[insert] Bobwhite Counter.
it was rumored to be the best southern food in town. 
fried chicken, collards, mac&cheese, ya know, the staples
but what really was pulling us towards this place was the grilled pimento cheese sandwich
of course, sweet tea was an added bonus
we ended up ordering the pimento cheese sandwich
and a grilled chicken salad sandwich to split because 
we simply couldn't decide which one sounded better so we split 'em
and they were both simply wonderful

and that was the highlight of our too hot to do anything besides sit in front of the ac saturday.

actually, eliza's highlight might be the fact that charlie's angels was on tv when we got back.

July 3, 2012

Day 33.

do you want to know what the best part of june was?
every time i would make a blog post title
(those few times)
all i had to do is look at the date but now, now, i have to actually do math
and i don't like it.

but anyway,
sammy and shane came and visited/took over our massive apartment last week.
it was a lot of fun and really really hot.
sliza and i had to work thursday and friday so shane and sammy would do a tourist thing, go sit in a bar, do a tourist thing, go sit in a bar (and repeat until liz got off work)
they said it was because it was so hot out but lets be honest we know y'all would have done that even if the weather was perfect, it would have just been an outdoor bar.
we went to a yankees game (i decided i still don't like baseball) on saturday, i think the yankees won which is a plus.
i wish that dumb roommate would blog considering she likes sports and this is her sister we are talking about.

and thats all i have to say about that.

goodnews: NO WORK TOMORROW!! (happy america day)

June 26, 2012

Day 26.

confession: we eat a lot of freezy pops.
i mean more than should be consumed by anyone over the age of 4.

June 24, 2012

Day 24.

this weekend started with a cancelled plane, a rebooked plane, a rerouted plane, a delayed plane, a cancelled plane, a rented car, and finally (12hrs later) a rogers, nancy, & grandma in the big city.

contrary to the beginning of their journey the rest of the weekend was quite fun.
i meet those people early (10) saturday morning for coffee while lize slept.
then i took them to out apt to wake up sliza before heading to central park
dad told us to go to the top of c.p., so we did.
once getting up to little harlem he decided that he really meant the middle.
so we walked around before getting a cab to chomp on some yummy thai food at Q2.

afterwards we went to all the touristy norms. aka time square and grand central
before heading back toward their hotel.
sliz, gma and i sat and had coffee in the courtyard while the other two went to run an errand.

we went to the smith in east village for dinner and it was before going to the broadway show jesus christ the super star.
nanc and gma were very fond of it.

this morning(sunday) i meet grandma for coffee while nancy was finally taking a spin class at soul cycle.
we went down to see the 9/11 memorial which was cool and all.

someone had told elize about the battery garden restaurant on the river so we went down there and sat outside to enjoy the nice weather and eat some good food.

dad wanted to show every one his favorite neighborhood in nyc so we headed there next.
conveniently his fav neighborhood was the central location of the gay pride parade.
quite the surprise when we popped out of the subway.
grandma loved it. (hahahaha)

after (more) coffee they headed to the airport to catch their plane home. well that's the theory at least.

June 20, 2012

Day 20.

hey, hey, hey, have ya missed these wonderful words?
i know rogers drake has.

our time gets so consumed with doing fun things we don't have time to write about them*

so life goes on as usual in these parts.
last saturday we had a picnic & hungout in central park for the majority of the day before meeting up with jennaaa and her vandy friends for dinner.
sunday was pretty chill. we just hung around east village during the day.
found a cool thai place down the street that a nice lunch special.
uncle doug came into town and took us to see stomp, which was really neat. he also took us the 'crowded restaurant with yummy looking food we alway pass'
it defiantly lived up to what we expected.

as for these things we call jobs,
they are interesting. bailey nor eliza were able to be reached for further comment.

my camera battery died. i left both chargers in cola. a new one is $40. so no pro photog.
ill try to muster up some iphone pics.

*actually we work a lot and no one wants to hear about that