December 19, 2012

Bourbon + Brothers.

now that the fall semester has come to an end (more on that lates) i'm back home for christmas break.
since last christmas break i have only been home for a combined total of 7 days. it's quite boring here.
the brothers are in school for what seems like all day during the week. and there's really nothing to do.

i came home on saturday which was nice because it's the weekend for normal folks.
right upon arriving i was late going to the secret santa thing with my friends. it was fun. 
elizabeth and i had each other. lize almost keep it a secret. it was just too much those las 5 mins though.

i came back to hangout with the boys after that. kring and his two friends were sitting at the fire pit. 
so i joined them. taught them life lessons and all. jb stumbled in and joined us at some point. 
all i have to say is teenagers these days. i sat out with kring until 5 talking about life.
i had promised heavy i would go duck hunting with him and jb at 5:30. i still don't know why i thought this to be a good idea. but i went. it was hot. there were mosquitos in december. jordan shot two but couldn't find them. heavy none. on the way back we stopped at bojangles. this was after we had discussed every food place we past. and by we i mean jb and d. i came home took a shower, sleep for 2.5 hrs, and went to babysit the cutest 3 wittle babes. there was a lot of
tree climbing and fort building involved 

gotta love the weekends.

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