February 22, 2012

21. twenty.one. twen-tee-ONE.

Eliz, Kelly K, & I all ventured to the chuck for the weekend (for various reasons). as much as i dread going home it's always nice doing simple things like getting gelato/coffee with pops, hanging by the fire with the boys, or talking for hours about current events/how ignorant people are.

this past sunday was big W's 21st birthday. it was ridiculous.

mom was in town for the weekend so we all (JB, Heavy, E-Rex, Mom) went over to Lauren's to pregame with wilds and his friends on saturday night. after the clock struck 12 mom went to the bars with wilds and his friends. lauren and i were out of commission due to the drink 4 drink pact we had made.

Sunday night i rode back to cola with eliz and kelly k. i declared i was never drinking again.

then comes monday night & Linds' 21st. i was never drinking again and eliza wasn't drinking because she had 'shit to do tomorrow'. we ended up at monday night pavs till the wee hours.  i mean you can't leave a girl hanging on her 21st, right?!

this weeks been going by pretty fast.
tomorrow is thursday=weekend (YAY!).
friday night starts 24 hrs of dancing for the kids
saturday and monday are two more 21st parties

it's gonna be a fun little weekend especially considering the weather is so nice.

oh, and plane ticket is booked for costa to see the favorite hippie.

February 14, 2012

there's a war on the home front

i've been awake for 48 hours
i've had a lot  a lot  of coffee
i've taken 3 exams
i've lived in the ba for 24 hrs
i've had one super duper study filled weekend

even though i spent at leasts some part of my day studying every day this weekend it was rather glorious.

a table full of girls went to tin roof friday for a little happy hour/dinner

honey bourbon was on special and pouring my way in lieu of food

[decisions were made]

while studying i realized that i was wearing mom's sweatshirt from college and thinking how cool it is that she probable pulled all nighters while wearing it as well.

(my) sweatshirt has been partyin' hard since 1985

bed/nap/do nothing time

February 9, 2012

from hell to heaven


littlest baby brother finally came to visit for his first college experience.

he's in love

it was the perfect weekend for him to visit. rob & taylor turned 21 on friday and elizabeth on saturday.

his.nerves were in full swing before his 1st college party but he relaxed after realizing that more people there knew him then he remembered. speaking of 1st kring had a lot this weekend.

party w/ alcohol
keg beer
jello shot
'sex on the beach' drink and shesha
flip cup game
hangover leaving him speechless

needless to say he wants to come back asap and wasn't too happy when nanc came to pick him up. especially considering we were about to start porch drinking

oh.and how could i forget. he didn't shave his pedro 'stache the entire weekend so he would look older

work + procrastination

i documented a typical night before a due date

after realizing that the vast majority of my college experience is in fact devoted to actual school not bourbon & beer

where is my mind

i always contemplating starting a blog. actually i always start the blog but never get to the whole blogging part of it.

i think of all the fun, exciting, cool things that happen in every day life but always come back to: is that really 'fun, exciting, cool'?

it is.