February 9, 2012

from hell to heaven


littlest baby brother finally came to visit for his first college experience.

he's in love

it was the perfect weekend for him to visit. rob & taylor turned 21 on friday and elizabeth on saturday.

his.nerves were in full swing before his 1st college party but he relaxed after realizing that more people there knew him then he remembered. speaking of 1st kring had a lot this weekend.

party w/ alcohol
keg beer
jello shot
'sex on the beach' drink and shesha
flip cup game
hangover leaving him speechless

needless to say he wants to come back asap and wasn't too happy when nanc came to pick him up. especially considering we were about to start porch drinking

oh.and how could i forget. he didn't shave his pedro 'stache the entire weekend so he would look older

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