July 7, 2012

Day 37.

today. today is saturday.
we like saturdays. 

on saturdays there is no alarm clocks. (eliza tends to sleep till 1)
on saturdays there are no plans.
on saturdays the next day will still be the weekend.
on saturdays, well, you get the point.
we like saturdays.

so on this saturday while the slizanator was still sleeping
i walked down to a coffee place, the bean, to test there so called tasty coffee.
upon walking out of the door to get said coffee
i was slapped in the face with some good ole concrete melting heat.
after walking the 4 blocks to the bean i had begun to reconsider anything hot
but they had this really cool sounding thing called a dirty chai
so i got an iced dirty chai (chai + espresso)
and drank it all on the walk home.

eliza finally woke up and we decided that food was a must
[insert] Bobwhite Counter.
it was rumored to be the best southern food in town. 
fried chicken, collards, mac&cheese, ya know, the staples
but what really was pulling us towards this place was the grilled pimento cheese sandwich
of course, sweet tea was an added bonus
we ended up ordering the pimento cheese sandwich
and a grilled chicken salad sandwich to split because 
we simply couldn't decide which one sounded better so we split 'em
and they were both simply wonderful

and that was the highlight of our too hot to do anything besides sit in front of the ac saturday.

actually, eliza's highlight might be the fact that charlie's angels was on tv when we got back.

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