June 2, 2012

Day 2.

the sun is shinning, the bears are barking, and we woke up in nyc.

since saturday is a day for sleeping in late, that we did. me and sliza made our way down to the morning watering hole, aka starbucks. after the preparation of 1 vanilla soy latte, 1 skinny vanilla latte & 1 misspelled name we headed back to the porch to enjoy the cool summer morning. 

after figuring out we could turn our bathroom into a steam room
we meet up with shannon for lunch at a little mexican restaurant that was quiet good. they had chicken quesadillas. i had a chicken taco. we all split a pitcher of frozen sangria.

it was time to start accomplishing things on shannon's notorious list. 
so we practiced riding the subway to each of our jobs and touching our buildings.
luckily i can ride the 1st half of my journey with eliza before she gets off and i change trains.

around 5:15 we got back to our apartment to clean up and get ready to go see the broadway show Priscilla.
it was basically a drag show and oh so funny. (eliza laughed a lot)

afterwards we went back to aunt shannon's hotel bar and grabbed a few drinks and chatted before she put us in a cab and shipped us home. we then drank some beers & watched hot tub time machine on our sofa.

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